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The late Zimbabwean politician Vitalis Zvinavashe was born

On this day in 1943, the late former commander of the Defense Forces Vitalis Zvinavashe was born. He joined the Rhodesian Bush War and went in 1967 and in 1968 for military training in Tanzania. He was elected as a ZANU-PF Central Committe member. He ran the parliamentary election in Gutu district in 2008. for […]

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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced poll results after a month’s delay

On this day in 2008, ZEC announced poll results after a month’s delay. Results stated that, the late former President of MDC Morgan Tsvangirai had won 47.9% whereas the late former President of Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe with 43.2%. Both political parties failed to reach 50 plus votes which resulted in the setting up for […]

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Royal Charter

On 29 October 1889, Queen Victoria granted the BSAC a Royal Charter. You might be wondering, what is a Royal Charter, why exactly did Queen Victoria have to do that? This short article seeks to explain what a Royal Charter is and why it was necessary for the BSAC to obtain one from the Queen. […]

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