Zimbabwean musician Obey Makamure aka Tocky Vibes was born

28 November 1993   Zimbabwe  

On this day in 1993, Obey Makamure popularly known under the stage name Tocky Vibes was born. Tocky is a Zimbabwean dancehall artist, songwriter and lyricist. Tocky started singing at a very young age and for this reason his zeal for music inreased. He escalated when he started to write and sing about the role of parenting figures, the importance of fidelity as well as the rewards for hard working. One of his hit song, ‘Amai’ was a dedication to his mother as he appreciated all the hardwork which she had gone through for the sake of him. Additionally, his song ‘Shanda’ is a clear indication as it situate a meaning artistic style in which he urge himself and other musicians to work hard.


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