Alex Magaisa a UK based Zimbabwean academic and law lecturer was born

09 December 1975   Zimbabwe

On this day in 1975, a United Kingdom based Zimbabwean lecturer Alex Tawanda Magaisa was born. Magaisa is an Academic and Lecturer of law at the Kent Law School of the University of Kent. He served as Advisor of the then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai from 2012-2013. Magaisa had been working as a core member of a team expect tasked to give advise patterning the drafting of the new constitution of Zimbabwe. To add, he is well known for his legal, political and social commentary work on issues affecting Zimbabwe and other developing nations through his well known blog, ‘The Big Saturday Read’. In doing this, his work is sometimes featured by the Zimbabwean news such as the Herald and the Standard.